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Biz Box powered by Home Depot

In summer 2017 I was awarded to opportunity to design the next generation of Office Depot. Biz Box will shift the core of Office Depot’s business to a service based experience helping small and midlevel entrepreneurs on many levels. The core business has been office supplies and equipment in a static environment, Biz Box will still offer these products however it will be a more collaborative experience. Biz Box will provide a co-work space that will offer opportunities for small start-ups to set up shop in a professional cost effective space. The City of Las Gatos CA is our first fully redesigned space with a target opening in late May 2018. The designs have been site tested in the Austin Tx market the store opened in late December. Working directly with the Office Depot team and the Team at WestRock has been a great collaborative experience. 

Learn more about Biz Box at

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